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Is not easy to find a good hair designer, hair colorist and hairstylist. We spent time and money to get a look we want but is not always working.

Bridal For You online bridal shop come up with idea to provide a mobile hair styling services not only for bridal party, but to the rest of our community including seniors haircusts and for peple with all kind of disabilities. We want to make happy all of our clients. You can view our page specialy designed for mobile hair stylist

Mobile Hair Stylist is not common consumers service and not too cheap. If you think that you can ask those professionals for something cheaper compare to on site hair salon so most likely is not going to happen or the services are not fully professional only business driven.

Mobile Hairstylist has to be certified hair stylist/colorist, care about his/her personal and professional attitude, pleasant in all areas in order to win you back. In a regulal hair salon that kind of title is basically a duty on the job.

To show you one more time how much it will cost for person with an hourly pay of $25 to take some time off to bring her/his older parents for senior haircuts. Man’s hair cut will be around $17 and women’s (short hair) is $35. Driving from home to hair salon 10-15 minutes, walking, siting and hair cut time 1.5 hours for both seniors, driving back home 10-15 minutes. We have a total almost 2 hours of time, as we know it will cost for that person above with $25 per hour a $50, plus $42 services. Now it’s up to you to find out if the proverb TIME is MONEY is working for you.

You can visit Bridal For You website to have an idea how much the mobile stylist will charge you for service you may need by checking our price list for hairstyles.

There is always an option and if you do not like that hairdresser you can always keep searching until you find you like it, but you have to give a chance to anyone who comes to your home.

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